ISRIC - World Soil Information

D.L. Dent

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ISRICWorld Soil Information is an independent foundation, funded by the Netherlands Government with a mandate to increase knowledge of the land, its soils in particular, and to support the sustainable use of land resources; in short, to help people understand soils. Its aims are to -Inform and educate, through the World Soil Museum. -Maintain and disseminate data for the scientific community through the ICSU World Data Centre for Soils which is the custodian of global and regional datasets, land resources maps, and reports; for many of these, ISRIC is the sole repository. -Conduct applied research on land resources and their management and to support the development of national and international policy. The institute has a tradition of welcoming guest researchers. -The multilingual staff has expertise in taxonomy of soils, soil survey, land evaluation and land use planning, soil and water conservation, soil fertility, and data management and interpretationglobally and especially in tropical regions.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEncyclopedia of Soil Science
EditorsR. Lal
PublisherTaylor & Francis
ISBN (Print)9780849338304
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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    Dent, D. L. (2006). ISRIC - World Soil Information. In R. Lal (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Soil Science (pp. 950-954). Taylor & Francis.