IoT European Large-Scale Pilots – Integration, Experimentation and Testing

Sergio Guillén, Pilar Sala, Giuseppe Fico, María Teresa Arredondo, Alicia Cano, Jorge Posada, German Gutiérrez, Carlos Palau, Konstantinos Votis, C.N. Verdouw, J. Wolfert, G. Beers, H. Sundmaeker, Grigoris Chatzikostas, Sébastian Ziegler, Christopher Hemmens, Marita Holst, Anna Stahlbröst, Lucio Scudiero, C. RealeS. Krco, D. Drajic, M. Eisenhauer, M. Jahn, J. Valino, A. Gluhak, M. Brynskov, O. Vermesan, F. Fischer, O. Lenz

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The IoT European Large-Scale Pilots Programme includes the innovation consortia that are collaborating to foster the deployment of IoT solutions in Europe through the integration of advanced IoT technologies across the value chain, demonstration of multiple IoT applications at scale and in a usage context, and as close as possible to operational conditions. The programme projects are targeted, goal-driven initiatives that propose IoT approaches to specific real-life industrial/societal challenges. They are autonomous entities that involve stakeholders from the supply side to the demand side, and contain all the technological and innovation elements, the tasks related to the use, application and deployment as well as the development, testing and integration activities. This chapter describes the IoT Large Scale Pilot Programme initiative together with all involved actors. These actors include the coordination and support actions CREATE-IoT and U4IoT, being them drivers of the programme, and all five IoT Large-Scale Pilot projects, namely ACTIVAGE, IoF2020, MONICA, SynchroniCity and AUTOPILOT.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCognitive Hyperconnected Digital Transformation
Subtitle of host publicationInternet of Things Intelligence Evolution
EditorsO. Vermesan, J. Bacquet
PublisherRiver Publishers
ISBN (Electronic)9788793609105
ISBN (Print)9788793609112
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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