Investigation on the influence of pre-treatments on drying behaviour of broccoli by MRI experiments

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Abstract: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) allows the monitoring of internal moisture content of food products during drying non-destructively. In an experimental set-up with continuous and controlled hot air supply, the internal moisture distribution of broccoli with different pre-treatments are measured during drying. Moisture distribution, drying rate and shrinkage are compared and analyzed quantitatively. MRI results indicated that for fresh broccoli stalks the moisture content in the core of the sample increased after some hours of drying. With pre-treatments as peeling, blanching or freezing the moisture transport barrier in the skin of the broccoli sample was reduced. Shrinkage was uniform for most of the pre-treated samples and the moisture increment in the core did not occur. It was also found that with these pre-treatments progress of drying enhanced significantly. Therefore, from an drying efficiency and economic point of view, pre-treatments prior to drying offer important opportunities. Keywords: MRI, hot air drying, broccoli stalk, increased moisture content, pre-treatments
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Event7th Asia-Pacific Drying Conference, Tianjin, China -
Duration: 18 Sep 201120 Sep 2011


Conference7th Asia-Pacific Drying Conference, Tianjin, China

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