Investigation of Desso GrassMaster® as application in hydraulic engineering

P. van der Steeg, M.P.C.P. Paulissen, E. Roex, L. Mommer

Research output: Book/ReportReportProfessional


Dessa GrassMaster® is a reinforced grass system which is applied successfully on sports fields and enables to use a sports field more intensively than a normal grass field. In this report the possibility of an application of Dessa GrassMaster®in hydraulic conditions, with a focus on grass dikes, is discussed.
A description of several aspects of grass dikes is given as well as other known reinforcement grass systems. A comparison between grass on sports fields and grass of grass dikes is made. Based on state-of-the art literature, requirements for Dessa GrassMaster® as a revetment under hydraulic loading are provided. Potential applications are identified and knowledge gaps are given. From the point of view of hydraulic engineering and based on theoretical and existing
knowledge, it is concluded that Dessa GrassMaster® may potentially be used as a dike revetment but more insight in the strength of this system is required/before it will be applied as a revetment. It is currently not clear what effect Dessa-Grasslvlaster'" will have on root volume and distribution in dike grasslands and how this influences overall strength of the grass cover. The strength of Dessa GrassMaster®can be determined by performing physical hydraulic experiments.
Several knowledge gaps concerning ecological, toxicological and environmental issues have been identified that may hamper the implementation of Dessa Grasslvlaster". It is recommended to perform tests to quantify these potential impacts on the environment in order to find solutions to mitigate potential negative effects. This will lead to increased societal acceptability of application of the product on dikes. For comprehensive conclusions, langerterm full-scale tests (2-4 years) are recommended.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages42
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Grass dike
  • Dessa GrassMaster
  • grass reinforcement
  • dykes
  • grasses
  • cladding
  • hydraulic engineering
  • reinforcement
  • revetments
  • flood control
  • sports grounds


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