Introduction to production yield analysis : a new tool for improvement of raw material yield

D. Somsen, A. Capelle

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Mass losses during processing will result in a decrease of production yield. Losses can be separated in wanted and unwanted losses. Wanted losses are necessary to transform raw material into desired final product(s). Unwanted losses will result in additional raw material usage and generate additional waste and will therefore put the company's profit under pressure. The paper categorises mass losses that effect production yield and describes a generic model that can be used to calculate production efficiency. Increasing production efficiency is the basis for improvement and cost-cutting. A Addition (w/wm Crm Cost of additional raw material ($) MA Additions (kg) MA_max Additions at optimum process {YI=1} (kg) Mfp Mass of final product (kg) Mfp_max Maximum possible amount of final product {YI=1} (kg) ML Overall mass loss (kg) Mrec Mass of received raw material including tare (kg) Mrm Mass of clean raw material (kg) MT Tare, contamination and foreign bodies (kg) Prm Price of the raw material ($ kg-1) PY Production Yield (w/wm PY_max Maximum possible Production Yield (w/wm RM Raw material variables that influence production yield TPR Variables of the current transformation process that influence production yield QS Specifications of final product that influence production yield R Direct re-used component (w/wm YI Yield Index (-) v Number of raw material parameters that influence production yield w Number of added ingredients x Number of re-used components y Number of process parameters that influence production yield z Number of specifications that influence production yield Wanted Indicates a wanted or unavoidable mass loss Unwanted Indicates a unwanted mass loss
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)136-145
JournalTrends in Food Science and Technology
Publication statusPublished - 2002

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