Introduction of beet cyst nematode resistance from Sinapis alba L. and Raphanus sativus L. into Brassica napus L. (oil-seed rape) through sexual and somatic hybridization

C.L.C. Lelivelt

Research output: Thesisexternal PhD, WU


<p>Experiments were performed to select for beet cyst nematode <em>(Heterodera schachtii</em> Schm., abbrev. BCN) resistant genotypes of <em>Brassica napus</em> L. (oilseed rape), and to introduce BCN-resistance from the related species <em>Raphanus sativus</em> L. (oil-radish) and <em>Sinapis alba</em> L. (white mustard) into oil-seed rape.<p>Sexual hybridization between <em>B.</em><em>napus</em> and <em>R. sativus</em> did not result in hybrid plants, whereas from about 800 crosses between <em>B.</em><em>napus</em> and the amphidiploid <em>xBrassicoraphanus</em> Sageret 284 F <sub><font size="-2">1</font></sub> hybrid plants were obtained. Sexual hybridization between <em>B.</em><em>napus</em> and <em>S. alba</em> was only successful when diploid accessions of <em>S.</em><em>alba</em> were used as the female parent. Crossability between these species was poor; only six hybrids were obtained out of approximately 10,000 crosses. The poor crossability in the intergeneric crosses was shown to be the cause of various breeding barriers. Somatic hybridization between <em>B.</em><em>napus</em> and either <em>R. sativus</em> or <em>S. alba</em> resulted in a few somatic hybrid plants. Putative F <sub><font size="-2">1</font></sub> hybrids and somatic hybrid plants were characterized by their morphology, cytology, by DNA-analysis and by scoring resistance to BCN. Somatic hybrid plants were found to be unstable for the number of chromosomes and for BCN- resistance. Some F <sub><font size="-2">1</font></sub> hybrids, somatic hybrids and BC <sub><font size="-2">1</font></sub> plants, derived from crossing F <sub><font size="-2">1</font></sub> hybrids to <em>B.</em><em>napus</em> as male parent had a high level of BCN-resistance, not different from that of the resistant parental genotypes. Finally, the mechanism of resistance to BCN in resistant <em>S. alba, R. sativus</em> and <em>xBrassico-raphanus</em> was expressed in F <sub><font size="-2">1</font></sub> hybrids derived from crosses between resistant genotypes of these three species and <em>B. napus.</em>
Original languageEnglish
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
Awarding Institution
  • Hermsen, J.G.T., Promotor, External person
Award date30 Mar 1993
Place of PublicationS.l.
Publication statusPublished - 1993


  • raphanus sativus
  • radishes
  • brassica napus var. oleifera
  • rape
  • somatic hybridization
  • interspecific hybridization
  • hybrids
  • mustard
  • plant pests
  • pratylenchus
  • heteroderidae
  • tylenchidae
  • plant breeding
  • disease resistance
  • pest resistance


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