Intestinal health: Key to maximise growth performance in livestock

M.W.A. Verstegen (Editor), D.E. Beever (Editor), S. Collet (Editor)

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Livestock production is changing worldwide. It is also the case that the ban on antibiotic growth promoters in Europe, the shift in animal production centres to Brazil or Eastern Europe, increase in demand for traceability and natural production, and the emergence of new diseases, are all forcing livestock producers to adapt new husbandry, management, nutrition and healthcare techniques. Food safety is an explosive political issue - the expectations and demands of the informed consumer have altered perceptions of risk and brought food safety to the very front and centre of politics. The changes in legislation on the use of feed additives will impact livestock production, location of production and feed formulation. Veterinarians and producers look for alternatives to maintain intestinal health and maximise animal performance, whilst still complying with stringent EU legislation. This book reviews the changes in livestock production and some of the clinical and sub-clinical disease challenges faced in pig, poultry or ruminant production. The book discusses bacterial challenges such as E.coli, Salmonella. Clostridia and Campylobacter, as well as viral diseases such as circovirus or avian influenza. One of the key elements in determining intestinal health is the use of molecular technologies in determining the composition of the intestinal microflora in poultry, pigs and ruminants. The interaction between innate, cellular and humoral immunity and the effects on antigen recognition and immune response will impact overall performance and ultimately the profit for producers. The understanding of Glycomics and the role of carbohydrates in cell-to-cell communication is crucial in overcoming sub-clinical challenges in modern livestock production. ISBN-13: 978-90-76998-91-6 Price (¿): 85.00 Price ($): 113.00 Publication date: 2007-12-01 (yyyy-mm-dd)
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationWageningen
PublisherWageningen Academic Publishers
Number of pages300
Publication statusPublished - 2007


  • livestock
  • animal health
  • intestines
  • digestive tract
  • immune system
  • immunity
  • intestinal diseases
  • livestock feeding
  • animal nutrition
  • contaminants
  • proteomics
  • nutrition physiology
  • performance
  • animal production


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