International comparison of pig production costs 2018: Results of InterPIG

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The cost of pig production in the Netherlands is in a medium position, compared to the Netherlands’ direct neighbours, as it is characterized by a high sow performance and feed efficiency, as well as high costs for environmental protection and animal welfare. In piglet production, the Netherlands has a rather favourable cost position. This analysis is based on the InterPIG network.In light of the current market situation, it is necessary for European producers and supply chains toprepare for a future price collapse. Since the Western European market is a front-runner in focusingon sustainability and animal welfare, EU producers should focus on long-term cooperation and supply to high-end markets.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationWageningen
PublisherWageningen Economic Research
Number of pages28
ISBN (Electronic)9789463952804
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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