Integrated Solution Support System for Water Management

A. Kassahun, M. Blind, A.U.M. Krause, O.R. Roosenschoon

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Solving water management problems involves technical, social, economic, political and legal challenges and thus requires an integrated approach involving people from different backgrounds and roles. The integrated approach has been given a prominent role within the European Union¿s Water Framework Directive (WFD). The WFD requires an integrated approach in water management to achieve good ecological status of all water bodies. It consists amongst others of the following main planning stages: describing objectives, assessing present state, identifying gaps between objectives and present state, developing management plan, implementing measures and evaluating their impacts. The directive prescribes broad participation and consultation to achieve its objectives. Besides the obvious desktop software, such an integrated approach can benefit from using a variety of support tools. In addition to tools for specific tasks such as numerical models and questionnaires, knowledge bases on options and process support tools may be utilized. Water stress, defined as the lack of water of appropriate quality is one issue related to, but not specifically addressed by the WFD. However, like in the WFD, a participatory approach could be used to mitigate water stress. Similarly various tools can or need to be used in such a complex process. In the AquaStress Integrated project the Integrated Solution Support System (I3S ¿ I-triple-S) is developed. One of the cornerstones of the approach taken in AquaStress is that organizing available knowledge provides sufficient information to improve the possibility to make a water stress mitigation process truly end-user driven, meaning that dedicated local information is only collected after specific need is expressed by the stakeholders in the process. The novelty of the I3S lies in the combination of such knowledge stored in knowledge-bases, with adaptable workflow management facilities and with specific task-oriented tools ¿ all originating from different sources. This paper describes the I3S.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2008
EventIntegrating Sciences and Information Technology for Environmental Assessment and Decision Making -
Duration: 7 Jul 200810 Jul 2008


ConferenceIntegrating Sciences and Information Technology for Environmental Assessment and Decision Making


  • Integrated approach
  • Participatory process
  • Water framework directive
  • Water management
  • Water stress


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