Influence of offshore oil and gas structures on seascape ecological connectivity

Dianne L. McLean*, Luciana C. Ferreira, Jessica A. Benthuysen, Karen J. Miller, Marie Lise Schläppy, Matthew J. Ajemian, Oliver Berry, Silvana N.R. Birchenough, Todd Bond, Fabio Boschetti, Ann S. Bull, Jeremy T. Claisse, Scott A. Condie, Pierpaolo Consoli, Joop W.P. Coolen, Michael Elliott, Irene S. Fortune, Ashley M. Fowler, Bronwyn M. Gillanders, Hugo B. HarrisonKristen M. Hart, Lea Anne Henry, Chad L. Hewitt, Natalie Hicks, Karlo Hock, Kieran Hyder, Milton Love, Peter I. Macreadie, Robert J. Miller, William A. Montevecchi, Mary M. Nishimoto, Henry M. Page, David M. Paterson, Charitha B. Pattiaratchi, Gretta T. Pecl, Joanne S. Porter, David B. Reeves, Cynthia Riginos, Sally Rouse, Debbie J.F. Russell, Craig D.H. Sherman, Jonas Teilmann, Victoria L.G. Todd, Eric A. Treml, David H. Williamson, Michele Thums

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

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