Incidence of ocular side effects of topical beta blockers in the Netherlands

L.M. van Beek, R.J.W. de Keizer, B.C.P. Polak, P.R. Elzenaar, N.J. van Haeringen, A. Kijlstra

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    Background - Several ocular side effects including uveitis, have been reported following topical β blocker treatment for glaucoma and ocular hypertension. The incidence of these side effects was investigated in the Netherlands. Methods - A prospective observational design was used whereby monthly questionnaires were sent to all practising ophthalmologists in the Netherlands during 3 consecutive months. Questionnaires were returned at the end of each month. Any patient whose topical β blocker therapy was altered because of an ocular reaction was noted on this questionnaire. Ophthalmologists who did not return their questionnaires were interviewed by telephone at the end of the study period. The number of patients using topical β blockers was derived from drug sales figures. Results - 70% (328/467) of the ophthalmologists in the Netherlands participated in the study. During the 3 month study period 34 cases were reported: 15 patients had periorbital dermatitis, in eight patients eyelids and conjunctiva were affected, in seven patients the conjunctiva was affected, and four patients had punctate keratitis. The calculated incidence of ocular side effects during topical β blocker therapy was 1.51 cases/1000 patient years. Conclusion - Topical β blocker therapy is associated with few clinically important ocular side effects. No cases of uveitis were reported.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)856-859
    JournalBritish Journal of Ophthalmology
    Issue number8
    Publication statusPublished - 2000


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