Implementing a digital twin for flexible operation of agricultural robotics

Frits K. van Evert, Trim Bresilla, Ard Nieuwenhuizen, Bram Veldhuisen, Jochen Hemming, Giannis Avgoustakis, Spyros Fountas, Michael Koutsiaras, Nikos Mylonas, Suzanne Baron, Thanos Dritsopoulos, Markos Legas, Han Hilbrands, Jeroen Wolters, Klaas Jan Hommes, Panagiotis Karagiannis, Sotiris Makris, George Michalos, Dimitrios Paraforos, Galibjon SharipovSøren Marcus Pedersen, Bertrand Pinel, Mladen Radisic, Juan F. Rascón, Carlos Rizzo, Raul Sanchez, Alea Scovill, Oriol Serra, Josep Vidal

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterAcademicpeer-review


Robots have replaced labour in several sectors of the economy. In industrial manufacturing, digital twin systems allow to plan, schedule and optimize production by robots. In agriculture, robots have not yet reached widespread acceptance, in part because digital twin technology is rarely used. The aim of the ROBS4CROPS project is to accelerate the transition towards robotic agriculture by bringing knowledge and experience from the manufacturing domain to agriculture. The project envisions an agricultural robotic system that consists of autonomous vehicles and smart implements that are orchestrated by a Farming Controller. At the half-way mark of our 4-year project, we are able to present autonomous vehicles and smart vehicles working in four European countries, as well as an early implementation of the Farming Controller. Results so far indicate that the project’s vision is achievable and that digital twin technology will be helpful in the acceptance of robots in agriculture.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAdvances in agri-food robotics
EditorsF.K. van Evert, T. Bresilla, A. Nieuwenhuizen, B. Veldhuisen, J. Hemming, G. Avgoustakis
PublisherBurleigh Dodds Science Publishing
ISBN (Electronic)9781801462778
ISBN (Print)9781801469913
Publication statusPublished - 25 Mar 2024

Publication series

NameBurleigh Dodds Series in Agricultural Science
ISSN (Print)2059-6936


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