Immunomodulation by probiotic lactobacilli in layer and meat-type chickens

M.E. Koenen, J. Kramer, M.C. van der Hulst-van Arkel, L. Heres, S.H.M. Jeurissen, W.J.A. Boersma

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    1. The aim of the experiments was to evaluate whether selected probiotic lactobacillus strains have different immunomodulating effects in layer- and meat-type strain chickens. 2. Humoral and cellular specific and non-specific immune responses were studied by experiments on cellular proliferation, entry and survival of Salmonella bacteria in gut and spleen leukocytes, immunoglobulin isotypes and specific immunoglobulin titres. 3. The effects of two different feeding regimes (short and continuous feeding) and doses for administration of lactobacilli were studied. 4. The lactobacillus strains that were evaluated showed modulating effects on the immune system of layer- and meat-type chickens. 5. In meat-type strain chickens the lactobacilli had a stimulating effect when the chickens were young (up to 3 weeks) and the dose was relatively high, whereas in layer- type chickens a lower effective dose and discontinuous administration was also effective. 6. Immunoprobiotic lactobacilli can have a positive effect on humoral and cellular immune responses in layer- and meat-type strain chickens, but the lactobacillus strain to be used, the age of the animals and effective dose of lactobacilli to be administered need to be optimised.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)355-366
    JournalBritish Poultry Science
    Publication statusPublished - 2004


    • increased body-weight
    • salmonella-enteritidis
    • monoclonal-antibodies
    • competitive-exclusion
    • bacteria
    • mice
    • resistance
    • macrophage
    • responses
    • growth

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    Koenen, M. E., Kramer, J., van der Hulst-van Arkel, M. C., Heres, L., Jeurissen, S. H. M., & Boersma, W. J. A. (2004). Immunomodulation by probiotic lactobacilli in layer and meat-type chickens. British Poultry Science, 45, 355-366.