Identification of QTLs associated with yield and its components in Miscanthus sinensis

S.G. Atienza, Z. Satovic, K.K. Petersen, O. Dolstra, A. Martin

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    Yield and its components (stem-, leaf- and top-yield) were analyzed in a population derived from the cross between F1.1 andF1.7 entries of Miscanthus sinensisAnders. Both lines are offspring of the cross between MS-90-2 and MS-88-110. The aim of this work was to identify QTLs for yield and its components suitable to develop a Marker Aided Selection (MAS) program in M. sinensis.QTL analyses were performed using a previous linkage map based on RAPD markers which was constructed using a new mapping strategy named `offspring cross¿ that is useful for mapping in forest and fruit trees. The MapQTL 4.0 package was used to perform QTL analyses. Twenty potential QTLs were detected over two years of analyses. Out of these, 6 were associated with yield,8 with stem-yield, 2 with leaf-yield and 4with top-yield. These results constitute an initial step to develop a MAS program for biomass production
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)353-361
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - 2003


    • quantitative trait loci
    • pinus-taeda l.
    • wood property traits
    • loblolly-pine
    • rapd markers
    • x-giganteus
    • biomass
    • quality
    • growth
    • dna


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