Identification of Globodera pallida effectors responsible for breaking Gpa5-resistance in potatoes

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Potato cultivation is under constant threat by a range of pests and diseases, including the potato cyst nematode (PCN) species Globodera pallida. In the 1990s, the Gpa5 resi stance locus from the related species Solanum verneii was introduced into potato to control G. pallida populations. However, over the last decade, it has become clear that G. pallida field populations have overcome Gpa5-mediated resistance. The limited durability of this resistance shows that G.
pallida populations can easily adapt and overcome resistances employed in the field. The genetic and molecular basis driving the adaptations of G. pallida to Gpa5 is unknown. Recently, a genomic region was identified that significantly associated with virulence on Gpa5-resistant potato cultivars. By mapping whole genome sequencing data to a newly constructed G. pallida genome, we confirmed that this region was under selection. We are exploring the hypothesis
that virulence of G. pallida on Gpa5-resistant cultivars is determined by allelic variation in effector genes located within this region. To this end, we used five criteria to identify a subset of putative effector genes that are most likely to be responsible for breaking Gpa5 resistance in potato. Currently, by expressing the putative effectors in a Gpa5 background, we aim at pinpointing the effector responsible for overcoming Gpa5 resistance. During the ESN2024, we hope to share the success story of a widely applicable screening method for the identification of resistance-breaking effectors in parasitic nematodes.

1. A region on the Globodera pallida genome consistently associates with virulence on Gpa5-resistant potatoes.
2. Using five selection criteria to screen all transcripts within this region, we identified a subset of genes that classify as putative resistance-breaking effectors.
3. Expressing these putative effectors in a Gpa5 background aims to pinpoint the effector responsible for breaking Gpa5 resistance.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 17 Apr 2024
Event35th Symposium of the European Society of Nematologists - Palacio de Congresos, Cordoba, Spain
Duration: 15 Apr 202419 Apr 2024


Conference35th Symposium of the European Society of Nematologists
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