Hydrofysische gegevens van de bodem: Uitbreiding gegevens in 2021 en overdracht naar de Basisregistratie Ondergrond

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Hydrophysical soil properties describe the interaction between water and soil and are crucial properties for a wide range of applications. This report describes the data from 2021 to be added to the Dutch National Key Registry of the Subsurface (BRO) (approximately 300 samples, compared with 240 samples in the 2019 update). The 2021 data concern soil samples analysed in the period after the 2019 update. They consist of large data series per sample and can be used in many ways. This significant enlargement of the database was made possible through collaboration with other projects. This report also explains the data structure for hydrophysical data in the BRO. WENR wants to play an active role in the implementation of the hydrophysical dataset under the INSPIRE Directive and we think this is now possible with the sound basis that is created in the BRO. SOPHIE (Soil Program on Hydro-Physics via International Engagement) and GLOSOLAN (Global Soil Laboratory network) are also working hard on harmonising hydrophysical data.
Original languageDutch
Place of PublicationWageningen
PublisherWOT Natuur & Milieu
Number of pages98
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2022

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NameWOt-technical report
ISSN (Print)2352-2739

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