How Sensitive Are Ecosystem Services in European Forest Landscapes to Silvicultural Treatment?

P. Biber, J.G. Borges, R. Moshammer, S. Barreiro, B. Botequim, Y. Brodrechtová, V. Brukas, G. Chirici, R. Cordero-Debets, E. Corrigan, L.O. Eriksson, M. Favero, E. Galev, J. Garcia-Gonzalo, G.M. Hengeveld, M. Kavaliauskas, M. Marchetti, S. Marques, G. Mozgeris, R. NavrátilM. Nieuwenhuis, C. Orazio, I. Paligorov, D. Pettenella, R. Sedmák, R. Smrecek, A. Stanislovaitis, M. Tomé, R. Trubins, J. Tucek, M. Vizzarri, I. Wallin, H. Pretzsch, O. Sallnäs

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While sustainable forestry in Europe is characterized by the provision of a multitude of forest ecosystem services, there exists no comprehensive study that scrutinizes their sensitivity to forest management on a pan-European scale, so far. We compile scenario runs from regionally tailored forest growth models and Decision Support Systems (DSS) from 20 case studies throughout Europe and analyze whether the ecosystem service provision depends on management intensity and other co-variables, comprising regional affiliation, social environment, and tree species composition. The simulation runs provide information about the case-specifically most important ecosystem services in terms of appropriate indicators. We found a strong positive correlation between management intensity and wood production, but only weak correlation with protective and socioeconomic forest functions. Interestingly, depending on the forest region, we found that biodiversity can react in both ways, positively and negatively, to increased management intensity. Thus, it may be in tradeoff or in synergy with wood production and forest resource maintenance. The covariables species composition and social environment are of punctual interest only, while the affiliation to a certain region often makes an important difference in terms of an ecosystem service’s treatment sensitivity.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1666-1695
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • scenario analysis
  • simulator silva
  • climate-change
  • management
  • growth
  • tree
  • impacts
  • regions
  • yield
  • stand

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