HIQUIP : High speed Quality Inspection of Potatoes

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    Grading and sorting of potatoes ensures that the product meets consumer-preferred quality. Up to now quality sorting is usually performed by trained human inspectors. However, there are some disadvantages to apply human inspectors such as subjectivity, inconsistency and high labour costs. GreenVision has developed a computer vision system to inspect and grade potatoes based on shape, size, cracks, growth cracks and colour defects such as greening, common scab, silver scab and rhizoctonia. The HIgh speed QUality Inspection of Potatoes (HIQUIP) system incorporates conveyor belts to transport the potatoes to and from the vision unit. The total capacity of the system is about 50 potatoes/sec
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2007


    • potato graders
    • appropriate technology
    • potatoes
    • sorters
    • dimensions
    • graders
    • innovations
    • optical properties

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