Governing Global Environmental Flows: Ecological Modernization in Technonatural Time/Spaces

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Environmentalism and social sciences appear to be in a period of disorientation and perhaps transition. In this innovative collection, leading international thinkers explore the notion that one explanation for the current malaise of the ¿politics of ecology¿ is that we increasingly find ourselves negotiating ¿technonatural¿ space/times. International contributors map the political ecologies of our technonatural present and indicate possible paths for technonatural futures. The term ¿technonatures¿ is in debt to a long line of environmental cultural theory from Raymond Williams onwards, problematizing the idea that a politics of the environment can be usefully grounded in terms of the rhetoric of defending the pure, the authentic, or an idealized past solely in terms of the ecological or the natural. In using the term ¿technonatures¿ as an organizing myth and metaphor for thinking about the politics of nature in contemporary times, this collection seeks to explore one increasingly pronounced dimension of the social natures discussion. Technonatures highlights a growing range of voices considering the claim that we are not only inhabiting diverse social natures but that within such natures our knowledge of our worlds is ever more technologically mediated, produced, enacted, and contested
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTechnonatues: Environments, Technologies, Spaces, and Places in the Twenty-first Century
EditorsD.F. White, C. Wilbert
Place of PublicationWaterloo, Canada
PublisherWilfrid Laurier University Press
Number of pages282
ISBN (Print)9781554581504
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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