Genetic Variation and Combining Ability Analysis of Bruising Sensitivity in Agaricus bisporus

W. Gao, J.J.P. Baars, O. Dolstra, R.G.F. Visser, A.S.M. Sonnenberg

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Advanced button mushroom cultivars that are less sensitive to mechanical bruising are required by the mushroom industry, where automated harvesting still cannot be used for the fresh mushroom market. The genetic variation in bruising sensitivity (BS) of Agaricus bisporus was studied through an incomplete set of diallel crosses to get insight in the heritability of BS and the combining ability of the parental lines used and, in this way, to estimate their breeding value. To this end nineteen homokaryotic lines recovered from wild strains and cultivars were inter-crossed in a diallel scheme. Fifty-one successful hybrids were grown under controlled conditions, and the BS of these hybrids was assessed. BS was shown to be a trait with a very high heritability. The results also showed that brown hybrids were generally less sensitive to bruising than white hybrids. The diallel scheme allowed to estimate the general combining ability (GCA) for each homokaryotic parental line and to estimate the specific combining ability (SCA) of each hybrid. The line with the lowest GCA is seen as the most attractive donor for improving resistance to bruising. The line gave rise to hybrids sensitive to bruising having the highest GCA value. The highest negative SCA possibly indicates heterosis effects for resistance to bruising. This study provides a foundation for estimating breeding value of parental lines to further study the genetic factors underlying bruising sensitivity and other quality-related traits, and to select potential parental lines for further heterosis breeding. The approach of studying combining ability in a diallel scheme was used for the first time in button mushroom breeding. Citation: Gao W, Baars JJP, Dolstra O, Visser RGF, Sonnenberg ASM (2013) G
Original languageEnglish
Article numbere76826
JournalPLoS ONE
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2013


  • schizophyllum-commune
  • growth-rate
  • inheritance
  • populations
  • improvement
  • mushrooms
  • selection
  • yield


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