Foliar trait contrasts between African forest and savanna trees: Genetic versus environmental effects

F. Schrodt, T.F. Domingues, T. Feldpausch, G. Saiz, C.A. Quesada, K.M. Schwarz, E. Veenendaal

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Variations in leaf mass per unit area (Ma) and foliar concentrations of N, P, C, K, Mg and Ca were determined for 365 trees growing in 23 plots along a precipitation gradient ranging from 0.29 m a-1 to 1.62 m a-1. The transect extended from just south to the Sahara Desert in Mali to the forest-savanna transition zones (ZOT) of Ghana and Cameroon. Contrary to previous studies, no marked increase in Ma with declining precipitation was observed, but savanna tree foliar [N] tended to be higher at the drier sites (both on a mass an area basis). Within the ZOT, Ma was? slightly higher and [N] slightly lower for forest vs. savanna trees with most of this difference attributable to differences in soil chemistry. No systematic variations in [P] with precipitation were observed, nor were there any differences in [P] observed for trees of forest vs. savanna stands. Although there was no systematic effect of vegetation type or precipitation on either [Mg] and [Ca], a marked increase in foliar [K] as precipitation declined was observed for savanna trees and with ZOT forest trees also having a significantly higher [K] compared to those of nearby savanna. These differences were not related to differences in soil nutrient status and were accompanied by systematic changes in [C] of opposite sign. We suggest an important but as yet unidentified role for potassium in the adaption of savanna species to periods of limited water availability; with foliar [K] also an important factor differentiating tree species adapted to forest vs. savanna soils with in the ZOT of Western Africa.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)63-83
JournalFunctional Plant Biology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • foliar cations
  • leaf mass per unit area
  • leaf physiology
  • nitrogen
  • phenology
  • phosphorus
  • plant functional traits
  • potassium
  • tropical
  • West Africa
  • zone of transition.


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