Fluorine-containing triphenylenes. Liquid crystalline properties and surface ordering

C.P. Umesh, A.T.M. Marcelis, H. Zuilhof

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The synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of two novel series of triphenylenes with 4 or 5 pentafuoropentyloxy tails and 1 or 2 alkoxy tails of varying length are reported. All compounds form wide-range hexagonal columnar phases. The isotropisation temperatures and the corresponding enthalpy changes for the compounds with 4 or 5 fluorinated tails are higher than for the compounds with 6 alkoxy tails, and also higher than for compounds with 6 fluorinated tails. These results indicate that the best ordering is obtained for compounds with a mix of fluorinated and non-fluorinated tails. With increasing length of the alkyl tails in HAT compounds with 4 or 5 fluoroalkoxy tails, the isotropisation temperatures decrease and the d-spacings as observed by XRD increase. All fluorocontaining compounds have a strong tendency for spontaneous homeotropic alignment on surfaces, both hydrophilic and hydrophobic.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1911-1922
JournalLiquid Crystals
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • fluoroalkylated side-chains
  • hexagonal columnar mesophase
  • homeotropic alignment
  • mesomorphic properties
  • carrier mobilities
  • behavior
  • semiconductors
  • phthalocyanine
  • photovoltaics
  • transistors

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