First state of the art database: Deliverable WP 3.1 Verify (H2020)

Matthias Kuhnert, Pete Smith, Matthew J. McGrath, Philippe Peylin, K. Winkler, Richard Fuchs, M. Herold, Emanuele Lugato, Adrian Leip, Philippe Ciais, M. Schelhaas, G.J. Nabuurs, Frank Deneter, Ronny Lauerwald, Pierre Regnier, Are Olsen, Maximillian Reuter

Research output: Book/ReportReportAcademic


For the quantification of GHG emissions models play a crucial role. They can extrapolate and interpolate measurements spatially and temporally. The application of models requires data sets to parameterize the models and validate the results. Climate, soil, management (for cropland, forest and grassland) and
land use/land cover are the main driving data that are required for modelling of the carbon and nitrogen dynamics.
Therefore, the aim of this WP is to collect these data and provide them to the relevant work packages (WP3 and WP4). Additionally, the collection includes data to improve the simulations (N2 deposition) and to validate (Flux data sets) the result. Additionally, coastal ocean and fresh water fluxes are essential to complete the budget for the top down approaches in WP3 and WP4.
This deliverable provides details about the actual status of the database. Data for spatial simulation are collected and summarized in table 1. For almost all tasks at least preliminary data are provided. Some tasks are still working on improvements and extensions of the actual data sets and subsequent updates
of this deliverable will be provided during the course of the project.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages37
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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