Feasibility study plant extracts in Rwanda: Developing value chains in public private partnerships

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In a mission to Rwanda in December 2017, important stakeholders from government, research institutes, universities and private enterprises were interviewed to elaborate on Public Private Partnerships (PPP), or triple helix collaborations for further development of plant extracts in the agricultural sector of Rwanda. Findings of the missions were shared in a debriefing with the ambassador and the agricultural council of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rwanda. During the mission, potential leads were shared with the University of Rwanda. Through the social enterprise Crosswise Works, most important issues were discussed and brought further in a workshop in January 2018, aimed at a follow up mission to the Netherlands in June 2018, and the start-up of PPP in Rwanda. To increase business opportunities for developing plant extract chains in Rwanda, further research, preferably in PPP would be required. Pyrethrum productivity can be increased, based on increasing pyrethrin content of the flowers (now 2% in Rwanda compared to 4% in other parts of the world), and improvement of the cropping system (direct seeding instead of transplanting). Local products from Pyrethrum might also be an option to explore. Artemisia extracts for the pharmaceutical industry has the potential to diversify the current plant extract portfolio of Rwandan organizations. Government bodies in collaboration with universities and research institutes, together with the private sector should investigate whether and how the development of the value chain can be accelerated, and how a good connection to the international market can be obtained.
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Place of PublicationWageningen
PublisherWageningen Research Foundation (WR) business unit Agrosystems Research
Number of pages23
Publication statusPublished - May 2018

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