Exposure assessment for edge-of-field watercourses next to tree nurseries regarding spray drift deposits

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Spray applications in arable crops often lead to off-target spray deposits downwind from the treated field. Throughout several decades, many experiments have been carried out by different researchers to quantify the downwind spray deposits. Relations between downwind spray deposits and parameters like sprayer settings, field conditions and environmental conditions were investigated. Still, there is a large variance in the observed data that cannot be explained satisfactorily by the experimental and environmental conditions. Sprayer boom movements and local fluctuations in driving speed, wind speed and wind direction are the most likely factors affecting variance in downwind spray deposits.
In this study variations in downwind deposits of spray drift caused by sprayer boom movements are investigated both experimentally and based on simulations using the spray drift model IDEFICS. Downwind deposits of spray drift were measured alongside a treated potato field, at 2 m and 5 m off the edge. Wind speed and direction were recorded during the experiments. Horizontal and vertical movements of the sprayer boom were recorded as well. Variance of spray deposits at 2 m downwind from the field edge was about 50%. At 5 m downwind variance was about 30%.
A quasi-dynamic model was developed based on the IDEFICS spray drift model. In the new model the effect of both horizontal and vertical boom movements on downwind spray deposits was studied. From the above mentioned experiments, the most important frequencies and amplitudes of boom movements were derived. Using these frequencies, the model simulations resulted in variances of spray drift deposits similar to those established experimentally. Effects of fluctuating wind directions are to be investigated in the near future.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2018
EventSETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting - Rome, Italy
Duration: 13 May 201817 May 2018


ConferenceSETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting
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  • pesticide
  • statistics
  • risk assessment
  • systems analysis


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