EURL proficiency test for DON, acetyl-DONs, and DON-3G in cereals

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Wageningen Food Safety Research is EU Reference Laboratory (EURL) for mycotoxins & plant toxins in food and feed. The EURL must ensure comparability and reliability of National Reference Laboratories (NRLs), assigned by each EU member state. One tool for this is to organise proficiency tests (PT). The PT described here was organised in 2018 for the quantitative determination of deoxynivalenol (DON), 3-acetyl-DON, 15-acetyl- DON, and DON-3-glucoside (DON-3G). Relevant levels: currently only DON is regulated. Maximum limits for food range from 200-1750 μg/kg, for feed guidance levels of 0.9-12 mg/kg apply. For risk assessment, besides DON, the measurement of the acetyl-DONs and DON-3G is recommended by EFSA since they contribute to the overall exposure. Target LOQs for this purpose are 50-100 μg/kg for DON, and 10-20 μg/kg for the DON conjugates.
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Publication statusPublished - 13 Jan 2020
EventWMF meets Asia - Bangkok, Bangladesh
Duration: 13 Jan 202015 Jan 2020


ConferenceWMF meets Asia
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