Energie-extensieve teelten klimaatneutraal met hoog-isolerende kassen

Translated title of the contribution: Carbon neutral greenhouse cultivation with high insulating greenhouse

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In this study an analysis is presented on the perspectives of highly insulated greenhouses for extensively heated
greenhouse crops. Three crops were used as an example, ranging from Antirrhinum, with a yearly heating
demand of 4 m³ of natural gas equivalents per m² to strawberry, with 13 m³ of gas consumption per m² per
If Antirrhinum would be grown in a double glazed, highly insulated greenhouse with an energy recuperating
dehumidification system, the remaining heat demand will be almost zero. Growing strawberries in such a
greenhouse reduces the gas consumption for heating down to 7 m³/(m² year). When generating this heat
with a heat pump, only 21 kWh/(m² year) will be needed for heating. In all greenhouse sectors, a tendency
towards an intensified production by using artificial illumination can be seen. Illumination has a much higher
impact on energy consumption than heating, so insulation of greenhouses for extensively heated crops is of less
importance than improving the transmissivity or developing better lighting systems.
Besides energy for heating and lighting, greenhouses use a substantial amount of energy for soil disinfection.
Here savings can be achieved by using biological disinfection, substrate systems or ozonized water.
This project was funded by the research program ‘Kas als Energiebron’, the joined action and innovation program
of the ministry of Economic affairs and LTO Glaskracht Nederland.
Translated title of the contributionCarbon neutral greenhouse cultivation with high insulating greenhouse
Original languageDutch
Place of PublicationBleiswijk
PublisherWageningen UR Glastuinbouw
Number of pages40
Publication statusPublished - 22 Mar 2016

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NameRapport GTB


  • greenhouse horticulture
  • extensive production
  • antirrhinum
  • strawberries
  • lettuces
  • sustainability
  • energy saving
  • dehumidification
  • isolation techniques
  • heating
  • illumination
  • light
  • light transmission
  • biological soil sterilization


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