Emissions of N2O and NO from fertilized fields: summary of available measurement data

A.F. Bouwman, L.J.M. Boumans, N.H. Batjes

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Information from 846 N2O emission measurements in agricultural fields and 99 measurements for NO emissions was summarized to assess the influence of various factors regulating emissions from mineral soils. The data indicate that there is a strong increase of both N2O and NO emissions accompanying N application rates, and soils with high organic-C content show higher emissions than less fertile soils. A fine soil texture, restricted drainage, and neutral to slightly acidic conditions favor N2O emission, while (though not significant) a good soil drainage, coarse texture, and neutral soil reaction favor NO emission. Fertilizer type and crop type are important factors for N2O but not for NO, while the fertilizer application mode has a significant influence on NO only. Regarding the measurements, longer measurement periods yield more of the fertilization effect on N2O and NO emissions, and intensive measurements (=1 per day) yield lower emissions than less intensive measurements (2–3 per week). The available data can be used to develop simple models based on the major regulating factors which describe the spatial variability of emissions of N2O and NO with less uncertainty than emission factor approaches based on country N inputs, as currently used in national emission inventories.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1058
Number of pages13
JournalGlobal Biogeochemical Cycles
Publication statusPublished - 2002


  • nitrous-oxide emissions
  • soybean-alfalfa rotations
  • agricultural soils
  • nitric-oxide
  • gaseous nitrogen
  • grassland soil
  • cattle slurry
  • savanna soils
  • humid tropics
  • gas emissions

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