Effort allocation of anchored fish aggregation devices (FADs)-based fisheries in the North Sulawesi, Indonesia

W. Nugroho-Satrioajie, E. de Froe, P.A.M. van Zwieten, S. Wouthuyzen, A.D. Rijnsdorp

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingAbstract


Anchored fish aggregation devices (FADs) have been used by Indonesian fishers since the 1980s. The use of anchored FADs has a significant role in fishing activities; however, the information of the effort allocation and fishing strategies of fishers using FADS are poorly understood. An interview survey of 87 fishers consisting of 42 medium purse seiners (boat capacity of 16-30 GT) and frame survey of FADs locations through logs of handliners and pole-and-liners were done in North Sulawesi. The area is surrounded by two seas: Celebes and Molucca. Considering that the medium purse seiners are the main users of FADs, we analyzed the catch variances and the determinants of FAD distribution, including the different types, as well as operational and environmental factors. A total of 1105 FADs were distributed in the Celebes Sea (309) and the Molucca Sea (796). Our analysis demonstrates that the fishing strategy in the Celebes Sea is different from the strategy used in the Molucca Sea. Majority of the respondents indicated that at least a part of the owned FADs in the Molucca Sea were guarded at sea from so called 'bungalows,' which are small floating bamboo houses. All the FADs in the Celebes Sea were pontoons without 'bungalolw.' We will discuss what this difference entails for fishing operations. FADs distribution in both areas do not seem to be dependent on the environmental factors as productivity characteristics, oceanography features, and depth. We conclude that the placement of anchored FADs is to be more dependent on operational variables than on the environmental aspects of the area.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBook of Abstracts from the 6th International Conference on Agribusiness Economics and Management (ICAEM2014)
Publication statusPublished - 2014
EventThe 6th ICAEM2014, Davao City, Philippines -
Duration: 2 Sept 20143 Sept 2014


ConferenceThe 6th ICAEM2014, Davao City, Philippines


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