Effects of nutrients antagonism and synergism on fertilizer use efficiency

R.P.J.J. Rietra, M. Heinen, C. Dimpla, P.S. Bindraban

Research output: Book/ReportReportProfessional


Soil-borne pathogens cause major crop losses in global agriculture, adding up to billions of dollars of lost productivity each year. Alternative strategies applying nanotechnology in agriculture have focused on smart delivery systems and nanosensors to increase efficiency. However, low micronutrient availability in the soil and poor in planta translocation can limit the utility of amendment strategies. The current report addresses a potential strategy that has not been adequately explored: the use of nanoscale amendments (metal, metal oxide, carbon) to suppress crop disease and subsequently enhance growth and yield. The current regulatory perspective for such applications is also discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationWashington DC, USA
PublisherVirtual Fertilizer Research Centre
Number of pages47
Publication statusPublished - 2015

Publication series

NameVFRC report


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