Effect Transformer op waterafstroming in aardappel: Veldproef op lössgrond

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The Transformer product is expected to reduce the water repellency of soil particles and improve water absorption in the soil. This can ensure better and faster infiltration into the soil and a better distribution of water in the soil. In a sloping area, this would mean that less water flows away over the surface (superficial run-off) and therefore more water remains available for the plants. In addition, this can limit flooding. The trial was carried out to see whether this also works on the loess soils in the hills of Zuid-Limburg. In a sloping potato field in Wijnandsrade, 8 strips (fields) of 6 meters wide and at least 50 meters long have been constructed. The Transformer product has been applied in half of the fields. Collecting bins have been placed at the bottom of the slope of these fields, where the possible superficial run-off water from the field is collected. After rain has fallen or irrigation has been carried out and water has been detected in the bins, the height of the water in the bins is determined. Like this it was tested whether there are differences in surface runoff between the fields with the application of the Transformer product and without application. No significant differences can be found in superficial run-off between the objects where the Transformer product has been applied and the objects where no Transformer product has been applied. At harvest, there are also hardly any differences in yield. There does seem to be a trend that in the objects where the Transformer product has been applied, more and in particular more smaller potatoes (<40 mm) have been harvested. The number of potatoes per ha, both gross and net, appears to be significant. However, these higher numbers for the fields where the Transformer product has been applied are not significantly reflected in the gross and net yields in kg per ha. There does seem to be a trend for a higher yield of the object treated with the Transformer product.
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Place of PublicationWageningen
PublisherWageningen Plant Research
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 2022

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