Effect of periodate on lignin for wood adhesive application

R.J.A. Gosselink, J.E.G. van Dam, E. de Jong, G. Gellerstedt, E.L. Scott, J.P.M. Sanders

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Development of eco-friendly binders with no harmful emission during its complete life cycle is of high interest for the wood-based industry. In this paper, a fully renewable binder based on activated lignin and poly-furfuryl alcohol and a partly renewable lignin based phenol-formaldehyde (PF) binder were evaluated. Activation of kraft and soda lignins, isolated respectively from softwood and non-woods, by periodate oxidation was performed to improve lignin reactivity and application in wood adhesives. Periodate oxidation of lignin leads to higher lignin acidity, formation of quinonoid groups under more severe conditions, higher molar mass and higher reactivity towards the curing of furfuryl alcohol within a temperature range currently used in industry. Comparison of a 100% furan-based glue with a furan-based glue substituted by 10% lignin yields comparable product properties. However, periodate-activated lignin leads to lower wood failure, which might be caused by incompletely solubilised lignin particles in the acidic formulation disturbing crosslinking of the furan resin. Unmodified softwood kraft lignin performs well in a PF resin formulation at substitution levels up to 30% (w/w). Periodate oxidation of soda lignins enhances the glue performance because higher wood failure is attained. The higher molar mass after periodate treatment could be an important parameter for development of a stronger wood binder
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)155-162
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2011


  • sugar-cane bagasse
  • technical lignins
  • furfuryl alcohol
  • composites
  • organosolv
  • fibers
  • resin
  • kraft


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