Editorial: Future topics of common interest for EU and SEA partners in food quality, safety and traceability

D. Montet, A. Alldrick, M. Bordier, H. Bresson, N. Chokesajjawatee, N. Durand, T.T. Ha, P. Hariyadi, S. Jinap, S. Keerratipibul, N. Leepipatpiboon, H.Q. Luong, H.J.P. Marvin, J.M. Medoc, P. Moustier, S. Nitisinprasert, T.D. Phan, R. Poms, S. Prasertvit, S.K. RakshitM.N. Ruangwises, W. Siriwatwechakul, R.A. Sparringa, P. Stouten, J. Stroka, R. Taharnklaew, N. Tayaputch, S. Tongpim, R. Valyasevi, J. Vithayarungruangsri, S. Saletes

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SEA-EU-NET project is based on the program Capacities under the 7th Framework Program (FP7) of the EU Commission with the strategic objective of Integrating and Strengthening the EU-ASEAN Science and Technology Dialogue through coordination and supporting activities. It is a 4 years program started in January 2008, and is currently supported by 22 institutions from Europe and South-East Asia. The objective is to increase the quality, quantity, profile and impact of bi-regional Science and Technology cooperation between the 10 ASEAN countries and the Members and Associated States of the European Union. Every Thematic Priority of FP7 has to implement dedicated international cooperation activities to achieve the program's goals and to address specific problems of ‘Third Countries/Regions’ (non-EU Members States or non-Associated States). This activity is performed through the organization of annual Thematic Workshops, with the objective to produce a document containing duly justified proposals for Specific International Cooperation Actions. This paper presents the results of the Thematic Workshop on ‘Food Quality, Safety and Traceability’. This expert meeting was done in Thailand in February 2009. Titles for 10 possible themes were identified on the following fields: Bacteria antibioresistance, Mycotoxins, Pathogens (bacteria), Pesticides, Heavy metals, Food traceability, Food Supply Chain, Preserving nutrients, Consumers attitudes, Peri-urban markets.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)158-164
Number of pages7
JournalQuality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2010

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