Ecological insights from three decades of animal movement tracking across a changing Arctic

Sarah C. Davidson, Gil Bohrer*, Eliezer Gurarie, Scott LaPoint, Peter J. Mahoney, Natalie T. Boelman, Jan U.H. Eitel, Laura R. Prugh, Lee A. Vierling, Jyoti Jennewein, Emma Grier, Ophélie Couriot, Allicia P. Kelly, Arjan J.H. Meddens, Ruth Y. Oliver, Roland Kays, Martin Wikelski, Tomas Aarvak, Joshua T. Ackerman, José A. AlvesErin Bayne, Bryan Bedrosian, Jerrold L. Belant, Andrew M. Berdahl, Alicia M. Berlin, Dominique Berteaux, Joël Bêty, Dmitrijs Boiko, Travis L. Booms, Bridget L. Borg, Stan Boutin, Sean Boyd, Kane Brides, Stephen Brown, Victor N. Bulyuk, Kurt K. Burnham, David Cabot, Michael Casazza, Katherine Christie, Erica H. Craig, Shanti E. Davis, Tracy Davison, Dominic Demma, Christopher R. DeSorbo, Andrew Dixon, Robert Domenech, Götz Eichhorn, Kyle Elliott, Joseph R. Evenson, Klaus Michael Exo, Steven H. Ferguson, Wolfgang Fiedler, Aaron Fisk, Jérôme Fort, Alastair Franke, Mark R. Fuller, Stefan Garthe, Gilles Gauthier, Grant Gilchrist, Petr Glazov, Carrie E. Gray, David Grémillet, Larry Griffin, Michael T. Hallworth, Autumn Lynn Harrison, Holly L. Hennin, Mark Hipfner, James Hodson, James A. Johnson, Kyle Joly, Kimberly Jones, Todd E. Katzner, Jeff W. Kidd, Elly C. Knight, Michael N. Kochert, Andrea Kölzsch, Helmut Kruckenberg, Benjamin J. Lagassé, Sandra Lai, Jean François Lamarre, Richard B. Lanctot, Nicholas C. Larter, A.D.M. Latham, Christopher J. Latty, James P. Lawler, Don Jean Léandri-Breton, Hansoo Lee, Stephen B. Lewis, Oliver P. Love, Jesper Madsen, Mark Maftei, Mark L. Mallory, Buck Mangipane, Mikhail Y. Markovets, Peter P. Marra, Rebecca McGuire, Carol L. McIntyre, Emily A. McKinnon, Tricia A. Miller, Sander Moonen, Tong Mu, Gerhard J.D.M. Müskens, Janet Ng, Kerry L. Nicholson, Ingar Jostein Øien, Cory Overton, Patricia A. Owen, Allison Patterson, Aevar Petersen, Ivan Pokrovsky, Luke L. Powell, Rui Prieto, Petra Quillfeldt, Jennie Rausch, Kelsey Russell, Sarah T. Saalfeld, Hans Schekkerman, Joel A. Schmutz, Philipp Schwemmer, Dale R. Seip, Adam Shreading, Mónica A. Silva, Brian W. Smith, Fletcher Smith, Jeff P. Smith, Katherine R.S. Snell, Aleksandr Sokolov, Vasiliy Sokolov, Diana V. Solovyeva, Mathew S. Sorum, Grigori Tertitski, J.F. Therrien, Kasper Thorup, Lee Tibbitts, I. Tulp, Brian D. Uher-Koch, Rob S.A. van Bemmelen, Steven Van Wilgenburg, Andrew L. Von Duyke, Jesse L. Watson, Bryan D. Watts, Judy A. Williams, Matthew T. Wilson, James R. Wright, Michael A. Yates, David J. Yurkowski, Ramūnas Žydelis, Mark Hebblewhite

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

61 Citations (Scopus)


The Arctic is entering a new ecological state, with alarming consequences for humanity. Animal-borne sensors offer a window into these changes. Although substantial animal tracking data from the Arctic and subarctic exist, most are difficult to discover and access. Here, we present the new Arctic Animal Movement Archive (AAMA), a growing collection of more than 200 standardized terrestrial and marine animal tracking studies from 1991 to the present. The AAMA supports public data discovery, preserves fundamental baseline data for the future, and facilitates efficient, collaborative data analysis. With AAMA-based case studies, we document climatic influences on the migration phenology of eagles, geographic differences in the adaptive response of caribou reproductive phenology to climate change, and species-specific changes in terrestrial mammal movement rates in response to increasing temperature.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)712-715
Number of pages4
JournalScience (New York, N.Y.)
Issue number6517
Publication statusPublished - 6 Nov 2020


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