Dynamic Efficiency and Productivity Measurement

Elvira Silva, S.E. Stefanou, A.G.J.M. Oude Lansink

Research output: Book/ReportBookAcademic


Modern business environments are dynamic. Yet, the models used to make decisions and quantify success within them are stuck in the past. In a world where demands, resources, and technology are interconnected and evolving, measures of efficiency need to reflect that environment.

In Dynamic Efficiency and Productivity Measurement, Elvira Silva, Spiro E. Stefanou, and Alfons Oude Lansink look at the business process from a dynamic perspective. Their systematic study covers dynamic production environments where current production decisions impact future production possibilities. By considering practical factors like adjustments over time, this book offers an important lens for contemporary microeconomic analysis. Silva, Stefanou, and Lansink develop the analytical foundations of dynamic production technology in both primal and dual representations, with an emphasis on directional distance functions. They cover concepts measuring the production structure (economies of scale, economies of scope, capacity utilization) and performance (allocative, scale and technical inefficiency, productivity) in a methodological and comprehensive way.

Through a unified approach, Dynamic Efficiency and Productivity Measurement offers a guide to how firms maximize potential in changing environments and an invaluable contribution to applied microeconomics.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherOxford University Press
Number of pages248
ISBN (Print)9780190919474
Publication statusPublished - 28 Jan 2021

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