Driftreductie MagGrow spuitsysteem: Effect van magneet, doptype, kantdop en spuitboomhoogte

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Results of spray drift experiments are reported of a boom sprayer equipped with the MagGrow magnetic system, a standard flat fan nozzle, a 50% drift reducing nozzle and a 90% drift reducing nozzle with appropriate end nozzles, and a 40 cm boom height. Spray drift experiments were performed spraying an onion and a potato crop. A comparison with a reference spray technique is made. During the spray drift experiments the downwind outside 27 m of the crop was sprayed using the fluorescent tracer Brilliant Sulpho Flavine. Spray drift deposition was collected downwind on a bare soil surface up till 25 m distance from the last nozzle. Airborne spray drift was measured at 5.5 m distance from the last tree row on a pole at which two lines with collectors were attached at 1 m spacing up to 6 m height. Spray drift reduction classification was evaluated at a distance 2-3 m from the last nozzle. Comparing the spray drift deposition of the reference (XR11004 and 50 cm boom height) and the MagGrow spray techniques and 40 cm boom height the results show that there is 33%spray drift reduction for the standard flat fan nozzles (Hypro VP 110-03 + end nozzle); 88% spray drift reduction for the 50% drift reducing nozzle type (AI11003 + end nozzle); and 96% spray drift reduction for the 90% drift reducing nozzle type (ID-120-03 + end nozzle).
Original languageDutch
Place of PublicationWageningen
PublisherWageningen Plant Research
Number of pages41
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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NameRapport / Stichting Wageningen Research, Wageningen Plant Research, Business unit Agrosysteemkunde

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