Downstream processing of enzymatically produced geranyl glucoside

B.M. Roode, L. Oliehoek, A. van der Padt, M.C.R. Franssen, R.M. Boom

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Geraniol plays an important role in the fragrance and flavor industry. The corresponding glucoside has interesting properties as a "slow release" aroma compound. Therefore, the enzymatic production and downstream processing of geranyl glucoside were investigated. Geranyl glucoside was produced in a spray column reactor with an initial production rate of 0.58 mg U-1 h-1. A pretreated hydrophobic microfiltration membrane was used to prevent migration of the aqueous, enzyme-containing phase to the downstream process. No retention of the glucoside, which accumulated in the geraniol phase, was found. On the basis of examples from the literature, four downstream processes were tested on their viability for this system. Extraction with water and foaming were not suitable to recover geranyl glucoside from geraniol. In the first case, the glucoside selectivity for the geraniol phase was found to be high, which made extraction with water unsuccessful. In the second case it was possible to obtain a stable foam, but significant enrichment of the foam with glucoside did not occur. Adsorption on alumina and distillation under reduced pressure were applied successfully and tested in-line with the bioreactor. A maximum glucoside adsorption of 7.86 mg g-1 was achieved on alumina. After desorption and evaporation of the extractant the pure glucoside was obtained quantitatively. A pure product could not be obtained after distillation because a small amount of glucose was present in the permeate as well, which accumulated in the bottom fraction. It was shown that with this reactor system a production of 1 kg of geranyl glucoside in 2 days is possible using an initial amount of 50,000 units of enzyme
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)881-886
JournalBiotechnology Progress
Publication statusPublished - 2001

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