Dipterocarpaceae : Mycorrhizae and regeneration

W.T.M. Smits

Research output: Thesisexternal PhD, WU


Research on mycorrhizae of Dipterocarpaccae is described, involving inventories of both mycorrhizae and sporocarps in natural forest and experimental work in nurseries, green houses, laboratories and gnotobiotic systems. An assessment is made of dipterocarp mycorrhizal specificity and a discussion is presented on how mycorrhizal specificity may have contributed to speciation in Dipterocarpaceae. Other aspects touched upon include work on a non- ectomycorrhizal association of a fungus with dipterocarp roots, proposed to be called amphymycorrhizae. Also discussed are the effects of physical influences upon dipterocarp ectomycorrhizae, demonstrating the negative impact of high topsoil temperatures and lack of oxygen upon functioning and survival of dipterocarp ectomycorrhizae. Furthermore how dipterocarp ectomycorrhizae influence regeneration of Dipterocarpaceae through enhanced survival near the mother trees. At the end of the book practical recommendations are given for optimalization of management of mixed dipterocarp forests based upon the conclusions reached in the research, including the use of correct fungus-dipterocarp combinations for different sites.

Original languageEnglish
QualificationDoctor of Philosophy
Awarding Institution
  • Oldeman, R.A.A., Promotor
  • Dekker, J., Promotor, External person
Award date12 Oct 1994
Place of PublicationWageningen
Print ISBNs9789054853312
Publication statusPublished - 1994


  • forestry
  • trees
  • mycorrhizas
  • dipterocarpaceae


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