Digital Art and the Metaverse: Benefits and Challenges

William Hurst*, Orestis Spyrou, Bedir Tekinerdogan, Caspar Krampe

*Corresponding author for this work

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As a concept that is somewhat under emergence, the notion of the Metaverse varies across different academic articles. Yet there is a shared view on the benefits to its ongoing implementation, particularly for digital art, where the technology can provide a new metric for artists to showcase and sell their artwork to a global audience with minimal barriers, and for consumers to have an unbounded experience not limited by physical space or museum entry fees. In this article, a contribution is provided to a broader conversation about the future of the digital art and the Metaverse and its role in shaping our online culture. We discuss the concept of the Metaverse, its structure, the role of artificial intelligence and the benefits (and limitations) the technology holds for digital art. For a case study, we develop a 3D art gallery housing an art collection generated using artificial-intelligence-based techniques such as diffusion models. A total of 67 individuals are surveyed from three pools (two in-person and one online-based), with questions relating to the future of digital art, the Metaverse and artificial intelligence. Findings include that the majority of participants were familiar with the concept of the Metaverse and overall, they had a predominately optimistic view of both the use artificial intelligence for art, and the use of the Metaverse to support digital art, with 85.3% of the participants having already seen artificial-intelligence-based artwork. The identification of consumer segments further highlights the importance of finding customised solutions, considering consumers’ heterogenous preferences for AI-generated art. Research presented in this article will be beneficial for those looking to explore the Metaverse for artwork and develop virtual galleries, and the findings further highlight the Metaverse as a potential democratising force in the art world.
Original languageEnglish
Article number188
JournalFuture Internet
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 23 May 2023


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