Die Identitat von Tylenchus robustus de Man [English title not available]

P.A.A. Loof, M. Oostenbrink

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Filipjev based his genus Rotylenchus on Tylenchus robustus de Man, 1876 as described by de Man in 1880. The authors have examined specimens of T. robustus mounted and labelled by de Man in 1879. They conclude that the descriptions of 1876, 1880 and 1884 were all of the same eelworm which, from the specimens they examined, they say is the same as Hoplolaimus uniformis Thome, 1949. H. uniforms is made a synonym of Rotylenchus robustus; R. robustus as described by Goodey, 1932, 1940 and 1951, Thorne, 1949, Filipjev & Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1941 and Golden, 1956 is renamed Rotylenchus goodeyi Loof & Oostenbrink, 1958.
Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)34-43
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1958


  • rotylenchus robustus
  • hoplolaimidae
  • taxonomy
  • synonyms
  • biological nomenclature
  • plant parasitic nematodes

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Loof, P. A. A., & Oostenbrink, M. (1958). Die Identitat von Tylenchus robustus de Man [English title not available]. Nematologica, 3(1), 34-43.