Development of Ac and Ds transposon tagging lines for gene isolation in diploid potato

L.J.G. van Enckevort, J. Lasschuit, W.J. Stiekema, E. Jacobsen, A. Pereira

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    For the development of an efficient transposon tagging strategy it is important to generate populations of plants containing unique independent transposon insertions that will mutate genes of interest. To develop such a transposon system in diploid potato the behavior of the autonomous maize transposable element Ac and the mobile Ds element was studied. A GBSS (Waxy) excision assay developed for Ac was used to monitor excision in somatic starch-forming tissue like tubers and pollen. Excision of Ac results in production of amylose starch that stains blue with iodine. The frequency and patterns of blue staining starch granules on tuber slices enabled the identification of transformants with different Ac activity. After excision the GBSS complementation was usually not complete, probably due to the segment of DNA flanking Ac that is left behind in the GBSS gene. Molecular and phenotypic analyses of 40 primary transformants classified into 4 phenotypic classes revealed reproducible patterns. A very high percentage (32.5€of the primary transformants clearly showed early excision in the first transformed cell as displayed both by the analysis of the GBSS excision marker gene as well as DNA blot analyses. Genotypes useful for tagging strategies were used for crosses and the frequency of independent germinal transpositions was assessed. In crosses to Ds genotypes, excision of Ds was revealed that correlated to the activity of the Ac genotype. A line displaying Ac amplification to multiple copies conferred a high frequency of independent Ds transpositions. The genotypes described here are useful in somatic insertion mutagenesis aimed at the isolation of tagged mutations in diploid potato.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)117-129
    JournalMolecular Breeding
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - 2001

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