Development of a food frequency questionnaire for celiac patients in the Netherlands

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To study the relationship between diet and health outcomes in celiac patients, a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) would be helpful. To fit dietary habits of celiac patients, a validated Dutch FFQ was adjusted by adding specific gluten free foods. The Dutch National Food Consumption Survey 2010 (DNFCS) conducted among 10 participants who were on a gluten free diet and 27 food records of celiac patients, collected in a hospital, were used to select foods.
These data showed that for some patients gluten containing foods needed to be inquired. Therefore, two versions of the FFQ were designed, one including foods with gluten and one without these foods; the first version consisted of 20 items more than the second one. The first question inquired whether any gluten containing foods had been used in the past month. Depending on the participants response they received the first or second version.
A dietician specialised in celiac patients evaluated the FFQ. The FFQ was pre-tested in six celiac patients from the area of Wageningen. Finally the FFQ was completed by more than 500 participants. The nutritional data of the questionnaires was analysed using the Dutch Food Composition Table (2010). The intake of energy was on average 9.5MJ, of protein 14% of energy (en%) of total fat 36en%, of carbohydrates 46en%, of dietary fibre 2en% and of alcohol 3en% and
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Sep 2015
EventICDAM 2015 - Brisbane, Australia
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