Deux nouvelles espèces de Rinorea, série Ilicifoliae (Violaceae) du Cameroun = Two new species of Rinorea, series Ilicifoliae (Violaceae) from Cameroon

G. Achoundong, F.T. Bakker

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Two new species, Rinorea mezilii sp. nov. and R. letouzeyi sp. nov., are described and illustrated from Cameroon littoral forest. Both belong to the series Ilicifoliae Engl. of subgenus Tubulosae Brandt. Within the group Ilicifoliae the two species hereby described differ from others by their stamen enlarged at the base and their rudimentary connective appendage aduate to the anther summit. The first species differs from the second by its habit densely branched and its alternate leaves with cuneate base, not cordate. Rinorea letouzeyi is characterised by its slender stem, much branched, subopposite leaves, clustered at nodes and at the end of twigs. The lamina base is cordate to amplexicaul. Rinorea meziIii is relatively well widespread in the entire southern part of the plain while R. letouzeyi appears to be a narrow endemic of its littoral fringe
Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)129-136
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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