Determinants influencing societal uptake of nanotechnology : An expert stakeholder analysis

N. Gupta, A.R.H. Fischer, I.A. van der Lans, L.J. Frewer

Research output: Contribution to conferenceAbstractAcademic


Emerging applications of nanotechnology have the potential to deliver novel applications across different sectors and influence society. As seen for many new technologies in the past, societal responses to these technologies play crucial in determining the success or failure of these technologies.Therefore it becomes important to understand the potential determinants of societal acceptance or rejection of nanotechnology.In this presentation an overview of potential factors determining the societal uptake of nanotechnology will be given, based on structured interviews with experts drawn from scientists, policy makers, representatives of industry and consumer representatives in North West Europe (Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, UK and Ireland). Expert opinions were collected for 15 different applications of nanotechnology (from medicine, agriculture and environment, chemical, food, military, sports, cosmetics). A variety of risks and benefits associated with these applications were found to be important factors influencing societal uptake of nanotechnology. In addition certain applications were seen as “nice to have” applications while others were considered more relevant to solving societal problems. The results presented here can contribute in making future comparisons between experts and public view on societal acceptance of nanotechnology.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011
EventEuroNanoForum 2011, Budapest, Hungary -
Duration: 30 May 20111 Jun 2011


ConferenceEuroNanoForum 2011, Budapest, Hungary


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