Detection of QTL for immune response to Sheep Red Blood Cells in laying hens

M.Z. Siwek-Gapinska, S.J.B. Cornelissen, M.G.B. Nieuwland, A.J. Buitenhuis, H. Bovenhuis, R.P.M.A. Crooijmans, M.A.M. Groenen, G. de Vries Reilingh, H.K. Parmentier, J.J. van der Poel

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The aim of this study is to detect quantitative trait loci (QTL) involved in the regulation of the primary and the secondary immune response to sheep red blood cells (SRBC) in a resource population using microsatellite DNA markers. The F2 resource population originates from a cross of two divergently selected lines for either high (H line) or low (L line) primary antibody response to SRBC. The F2 population consisted of six half-sib families, three families per each of reciprocal crosses. Total antibody titres to SRBC were determined by agglutination in serum from all birds. F2, F1 and F0 generations were genotyped for 170 microsatellite markers, using a whole-genome scan approach. The half-sib and the line-cross analyses were performed to determine QTL regions associated with regulation of the immune response. In the half-sib analysis, four QTL for SRBC primary response have been identified: on GGA3, GGA5, GGA16 and GGA23. No QTL was identified for SRBC secondary response under the half-sib model. In the line-cross analysis, three QTL were identified on GGA10, GGA16 and GGA27 for SRBC primary response and five QTL were identified on GGA6, GGA9, GGA15, GGA16 and GGA27 for SRBC secondary response. Subsequently, the family contribution of individual families to the QTL was analysed. The family with the largest contribution was genotyped with additional microsatellite markers in the QTL region on GGA5. The extended half-sib analysis with additional genotype information results in narrowing down the QTL region on GGA5.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)442-428
JournalAnimal Genetics
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2003


  • quantitative trait loci
  • antibody-response
  • divergent selection
  • genetic dissection
  • biozzi mice
  • chickens
  • responsiveness
  • pigs
  • populations
  • resistance

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