Detection of genes on the Z-chromosome affecting growth and feathering in broilers

F.F.A. Hamoen, J.B.H.C.M. van Kaam, M.A.M. Groenen, A.L.J. Vereijken, H. Bovenhuis

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Detection of genes located on the Z-chromosome differs from the detection of genes located on autosomal chromosomes. In the present study, the chicken Z-chromosome is scanned for genes affecting growth traits and feathering. For this purpose, data from a three-generation full-sib-half-sib design was available: parents, full-sib offspring, and half-sib grandoffspring. The parents and full-sib offspring were genotyped for 17 markers on the Z-chromosome. Phenotypic data were only available for grandoffspring. Only the segregation of male chromosomes provides information on the presence of genes, and therefore, a half-sib interval mapping approach was used. The feathering gene was detected significantly and was located between markers ADL0022 and MCW0331. No significant indications were found for the presence of quantitative trait loci affecting growth traits on the Z-chromosome.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)527-534
JournalPoultry Science
Publication statusPublished - 2001

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