Detection and Diagnostics of Plant Pathogens

M.L. Gullino (Editor), P.J.M. Bonants (Editor)

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This book is part of the Plant Pathology in the 21st Century Series, started in the occasion of the IX International Congress of Plant Pathology, Torino, 2008. In conjunction with the Xth International Congress of Plant Pathology, held in Beijing in August 2013. Although deriving from a Congress, the book will not have the format of traditional Proceedings, but will be organized as a resource book. It will be based on invited lectures presented at the Congress as well as by other chapters selected by the editors among offered papers. This book will cover a topic very important in the field of plant pathology, dealing with detection and diagnostics. This field of research is continuously moving forwards, due to innovation in techniques. The application of new detection and diagnostic technologies are relevant to many applied fields in agriculture. The different chapters will provide a very complete figure of the topic, from general and basic aspects to practical aspects. Contents: 1. New developments in identification and quantification of airborne inoculum 2. siRNA deep sequencing and assembly: piecing together viral infections 3. Use of airborne inoculum detection for disease management decisions 4. Proximal sensing of plant diseases Case studies and special applications 5. Diagnostic Challenges for the Detection of Emerging Pathogens: A Case Study Involving the Incursion of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae in New Zealand 6. Detection of Human Pathogens on Plants - 7. Plant Disease Diagnostics For Forensic Applications III. Role of diagnostics in plant disease management 8. Results of the EU project QBOL, focusing on DNA barcoding of quarantine organisms, added to an international database (Q-bank) on identification of plant quarantine pathogens and relatives 9. On-site testing - moving decision making from the lab to the field 10. Virtual Diagnostic Networks: A platform for collaborative diagnostics 11. Development and implementation of rapid and specific detection techniques for seed-borne pathogens of leafy vegetable crops. 12. Diagnosis of plant pathogens and implications for plant health regulation: the European Food Safety Authority perspective
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationDordrecht, The Netherlands
Number of pages200
ISBN (Print)9789401790192
Publication statusPublished - 2014

Publication series

NamePlant pathology in the 21st Century
No.volume 5


  • plant pathogens
  • detection
  • diagnostics
  • plant diseases
  • diagnostic techniques


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