De wereld van Alida Withoos (1662-1730) : botanisch tekenares in de Gouden Eeuw

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    As a botanical artist Alida Withoos worked in a network of renowned painters and wealthy country estate owners who grew newly discovered plants in their gardens. When Agnes Block (1629-1704) was the first in the Netherlands to bring a pineapple plant into full frution she asked her to make a drawing of it. Alida also worked there with Maria Sybille Merian on a drawing with different varieties of Columbine. For the Amsterdam Hortus Medicus she made twelve drawings for the so-called Moninckx Atlas (1686-1706) in which more than 400 watercolors of plants from the garden were portrayed. In the collection of Wageningen UR Library is the Konst-boeck of Simon Schijnvoet, a collection of 142 drawings in a separate blank band, with 6 drawings of her hand therein.
    Original languageDutch
    Publication statusPublished - 2000


    • ornamental plants
    • works of art
    • botanical gardens
    • country houses
    • cultural history
    • netherlands

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