De Amazonewouden zijn niet 'de longen van de aarde'

Translated title of the contribution: The Amazon forests are not "the lungs of the earth".

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The Amazon Rainforest in South America is the largest rainforest on Earth. The huge jungle is getting smaller and smaller due to deforestation, pollution and large forest fires, such as in 2019. Nature and news organizations, politicians and celebrities sounded the alarm: the Amazon rainforest, the so-called "lungs of the earth," is in danger of disappearing. Without trees to give us oxygen, we will soon be in respiratory distress, we were often told. But that turns out not to be true! Ingrid Luijkx of Wageningen University explains why there will still be oxygen when the Amazon disappears. And why this is no excuse to stop protecting this beautiful forest.
Translated title of the contribution The Amazon forests are not "the lungs of the earth".
Original languageDutch
PublisherUniversiteit van Nederland
Media of outputOnline
Size5:14 min.
Publication statusPublished - 9 Aug 2023


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