Das Vorkommen von Artgemischen bei pflanzenparasitaren Nematoden. [English title not available]

M. Oostenbrink

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleProfessional


The author has investigated the occurrence of mixtures of two or more species of a genus at the same place for six genera of plant-parasitic nematodes (Heterodera, Pratylenchus, Paratylenchus, Tylenchorhynchus, Rotylenchus and Meloidogyne), and shows how one species may become dominant as a result of a particular cropping or soil type, and may be subsequently suppressed by a change in environment. J.J.H.
Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)3428-3468
Issue numberSupplement
Publication statusPublished - 1957


  • mixtures
  • soil
  • Heterodera
  • Meloidogyne
  • Pratylenchus
  • Rotylenchus
  • Tylenchorhynchus
  • Heteroderidae
  • invertebrates
  • animals
  • eukaryotes
  • Meloidogynidae
  • Pratylenchidae
  • Hoplolaimidae
  • plant parasitic nematodes
  • nematoda

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